HALO orienteering areas

The map shows HALO's mapped areas. Hover the mouse over the kite to see the area's name (this facility is not yet available on touch screens)

For many of the areas, you can click on the kite to see a map

Latest Results

LUL 6 - Louth results

Other Events

17/08/2019 Race the Castles 1 - Sheffield City SYO

18/08/2019 Race the Castles 2 - Lincoln LOG

7/09/2019 Leeds - Colton and Temple Newsam AIRE (League)

14/09/2019 British Sprint Champs - Loughborough Uni LEI

15/09/2019 British Middle Dist Ch - Chinley Churn DVO

13/10/2019 Wombwell Woods SYO

O`Briens fixture map