Pub League

The Pub League series takes place twice a year in the Spring and Autumn when the nights draw in early so take place largely in the dark. As the name suggests, they start and finish at a pub, usually with food available so there is a social element to the events.

The events take the form of an urban score event with a fixed time of, usually, 45 minutes and with around 20 controls to find. Each control will score 10 points towards your total, but you will lose points at an alarming rate should you arrive back after the allotted time. On the plus side, though, there are bonuses for competitors who vist all the controls and arrive back early. The event is handicapped so that there is an age/sex adjustment to the final score.

As well as the basic score course there are variations which help planners cope with limited areas. In these variations controls are grouped and a competitor has to concentrate on one group first before switching to another group as once a control from another group has been visited there will be no points awarded for visiting extra controls in an earlier group. The most common of these is "odds and evens" where the two control groups are all odd numbers and all even numbers. More diabolical is decades where the control groups are e.g. 30-39, 40-49 and 50-59. These can really task the competitors route choices and selection of change over points.

As this is officially a night event, it is a requirement to have a torch or head-torch, a high visibility vest and a backup light or torch. Unfortunately there are also restrictions on junior competiors.

See the fixtures page for upcoming events.

O`Briens fixture map