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    Peter Harris

    Leading up to the Thorne Event a post a day has been put on the HALO Facebook page, these are replicated here

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    Day 6 of 40 – as it is Saturday we look at the impact that parkrun has had on HALO. The map below shows the current parkruns in HALO land and it shows a direct correlation with some of our areas.
    Sewerby Hall (Bridlington), East Park (Hull), Peter Pan (aka Costello Hull), Beverley Westwood, Humber Bridge CP, Normanby Hall, Central Park (Scunthorpe), Brigg, Cleethorpes CP are all HALO mapped areas. The only parkruns which are not mapped are Goole and Mkt Rasen Racecourse, although the latter is less than a kilometre from our map of the town.
    HALO is probably the only club that has a parkrun Championship each year. One nominated autumn weekend members run a parkrun and then whoever has the highest age graded percentage on the day is the Champion.
    Other interesting facts one of our members holds the record for Horsham parkrun and another former member ran a parkrun the morning of her wedding…
    The majority of us use parkrun for training and maintaining a degree of fitness whereas as some use it as a warmup for an O event later that morning..
    There is a HALO club for parkrunners – join by registering under “Hum and Lincs Orienteers”
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    Day 7 of 40 – having competed at the Nottingham UKUL fixture today, it is worth noting HALO’s support for Urban orienteering over the past 15 years. The club has been a forerunner on the urban stage and the club has subsequently held 6 UKUL Events – all of which have been held in high regard.
    2013 Hull
    2015 Hull
    2016 Willows and Freshney, Grimsby
    2017 Hull (coincide with City of Culture status)
    2018 Thirsk
    2022 Beverley
    Virtually every town and city has been mapped in the area giving a vast portfolio second to none in the country from Driffield in the North to Louth in the SE and Gainsborough in the SW – approximately 30 areas have been mapped, the most recent being Thorne in the extreme West of the HALO area, where our next Regional Event will be held on October 22nd.
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    Day 8 of 40
    The record below is the unofficial Club Song/Anthem. Some of the lyrics are quite poignant on this day of mourning…
    “She has a halo
    We really do adore her
    For she has a halo…….”
    No photo description available.
    Day 9 of 40 looks at methods of recording you have been to a particular control. Up to 15/20 years ago the only way of proving you had found the correct control was by using a pin punch with a unique pattern, the action shot below taken at the Humber Bridge Country Park shows 4 HALOites all descending to the control together (Emma Fulwood, Paul Simmons, Amanda Ward and Charles Skinner). Since then we have progressed with the use of SI dibbers, SIAC dibbers and now the use of GPS with the advent of Maprun.
    Thanks to Amanda for the photo.
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    Day 10 of 40 – today we go back to the very beginning – the formation of the club following an EGM of EYOC on 4th May 1982.
    The minutes are below – especially interesting are the names voted on for the new club e.g Wold Wanderers, one of the football teams I currently play for! Also interesting are those members who are still orienteering for HALO and other YHOA clubs.
    Hope it is legible.
    Day 11 of 40 looks at the ways in which competitors’ maps have changed. In the days before pre printing of courses, we used to have to copy the courses by hand on to a blank map from a master. This was not as straight forward as it seems, mainly because your running time had started so you were under immense pressure to copy the controls correctly as quickly as possible (often looking at the control description to ensure your circle was on the correct feature) as well as marking any relevant map corrections. If you took over a minute the next competitor would be breathing down your neck jostling you out of the way. These days it can be an issue just picking the map out of the box!!
    Thanks again to Amanda for the photo of showing how it was done.
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    Day 12 of 40 looks at how HALO have assisted at larger events. Besides assisting YHOA at various JK and British Championships over the years, including the planning and organisation of the JK Sprints in 2016, HALO members in conjunction with Lincoln Orienteering Group (LOG) were responsible for the management of marshals at the World Championships in Fife in 2015. This included putting out controls and guarding them, crowd control, traffic management and organising volunteers at all of the Events (Sprint and Forest plus Relays). Images show the final control at Leeds, Forres All Controls Map, Control Guarding at Middle Distance race and Charlotte at the finish in Forres.
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