Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers
Welcome you to Scunthorpe Urban (& YHOA Urban league event) Sunday 24th October 2021
LocationOS Grid Reference: SE900113
What3Words: horn.stray.double
Nearest PostCode DN15 6TB

Please note that this event is pre-entry only and there will be no entry on the day.

Please check your start time, revised start times have been published which may have changed slightly from the original times.


Full range of urban courses on a new 1:4000 map in brand new area.

Excellent urban terrain covering Scunthorpe Centre, Frodingham and Crosby.

Travel and parking

The recommended car park for competitors is off Carlton Street.    Google map event car park  There are over 100 places (free on Sundays).  The assembly building (and toilets) are approximately 200 metres west of the car park. 

Please note that the area north of this car park is part of the competition area and should not be entered on foot.


The event will take place on typical urban terrain, 90 to 95% of which is on tarmac.

The courses will visit Scunthorpe civic centre, pedestrianised shopping centres, pockets of complex social housing developments in addition to traditional terrace housing areas which include 'ten foots' and interconnecting alleyways.  There will also be small parks. The longer courses will also venture into suburbia.

Entry details

Pre Entries Only - No EOD, please use the HERO tab to enter. Closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 17th October.

SI will be used for the event and control boxes will be contactless (SIAC). However you must punch the Start and Finish boxes in the traditional way.

You must download, even if you retire, for safety reasons.

There will be no leaderboard displays at the event, but provisional live results will be available on the HALO web site. Official results will be posted on the web site after the event.


Enquiries, Download, Toilets etc at Central Community Centre, Lindum Street, Scunthorpe DN15 6QU.  Google maps Event Centre The Central Community centre is approximately 200 metres to the west of the vehicular entrance to the Carlton Street car park. From the car park cross over Carlton Street and head south, then turn right (west) along Lindum Street until you reach the Community Centre.  Please use the door to the south western side of the building and not the main entrance.

Covid-19 precautions

In line with British Orienteering guidelines, please note the following:


Before attending any orienteering activity all participants should self-assess for Covid-19 symptoms which include: a high temperature; a new continuous cough; and a loss of, or change to, their sense of taste or smell.  If you, or anyone you live with, has one or more of these symptoms, however mild, you should not attend the event.

Similarly if you have been informed that you need to self-isolate, then you must do so.

At the event

All competitors have been allocated start times, please adhere to these as close as possible to avoid groups at the start area. The car park is adjacent to the start, competitors should wait there until shortly before their call up time.

After completing the course, competitors should proceed to the download area in the Community centre and then vacate the building as soon as practicable.  There will be no results on display at the Community Centre.



There is one start.  It is located adjacent to Brigg Road and is approximately 100 metres from the eastern pedestrian exit of the Carlton Street car park.  Competitors can go straight to the start.

The Clear, Check and SIAC battery check boxes will be located at the start.  Call-up will be at -3 minutes.  Loose descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Start times

In line with Covid-19 precautions please do not congregate in the start area before your allocated start time.  The published start times may be changed slightly from those pre-allocated on HERO.  Please check the final start list. (To be published on or before Wednesday October 20th).

A punching start will be used.

If you are late for your published start time, please report to the start official.



Classes Length Climb Controls  Map
1 MO 8.4km 25m 30 Double sided
2 WO, MV 6.7km 25m 29 Double sided
3 WV, MSV 5.6km 15m 24 Single sided
4 WSV, MUV 4.6km 15m 20 Single sided
5 WUV, MHV,WHV 3.3km 10m 18 Single sided
6 MJ, WJ 3.6km 10m 20 Single sided


MYJ, WYJ 2.9km



Single sided

Course details

Junior Courses

Course 7 is virtually all in pedestrian only areas with the exception of one road crossing (zebra) near to the bus station.  There is a control just before this Zebra crossing where buses use a single lane.  The service is infrequent on Sundays and the crossing will not be manned.

Course 6 also uses the crossing detailed above for Course 7.  In addition this course will cross some minor roads which are traffic calmed.


The map is brand new for this event and as such will not be displayed in the start lanes (or anywhere else).  All courses will have an A3 sized map at 1:4000 scale.

Control descriptions will be shown on the maps.  (Course 7 will have text descriptions, Courses 1 to 6 will have pictorial descriptions)

Please note that courses 1 and 2 will have a double sided map with the initial and final controls being on the A3 map side.  On the reverse will be an A4 section showing the mid controls (some of which are also shown on the A3 side).  

For Course 1 the A3 side shows Start to control 6 and control 10 to Finish.  The A4 side shows controls 5 to 13.  

For Course 2 the A3 side shows Start to control 12 and control 16 to finish.  The A4 side shows controls 11 to 18.

For both courses all control descriptions will be shown on the A3 side of the map, the A4 side will only show the control descriptions that are shown on that side.

Finish, results

The finish is adjacent to the Community Centre.  All competitors must report to download in the Community Centre even if they have been unable to complete their course. This will save on unnecessary searches in the competition area for missing competitors.  

In line with Covid precautions, there will not be any live results on display at the event, competitors are asked to vacate the community centre after downloading.  Live provisional results will be available on mobile devices by following the link on the web-site. 


Organiser: Neil Harvatt (

Planner: Peter Harris

Controller: Brian Slater

BOF registration: 77406

Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out.  This can be viewed at the event centre.

Important points to note include:-

In the event of wet weather many of the surfaces, especially steps, are likely to be slippery.

Care will be required crossing car parks especially when vehicles reversing.

There are a number of very narrow alleys in some of the housing areas, some of these may be less runnable due to debris and bins potentially blocking the access, in these cases the wider 'ten foots' and roads are often a better route choice.

Take care adjacent to any construction works, these are marked on the map where known.

As in all urban events, take extra care on corners and crossing roads and look ahead to avoid any collisions with street furniture, pedestrians, cars, etc.

There will be a first aid kit at download.  The nearest A&E hospital is at Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe DN15 7BH (Tel 01724-282282).


Competitors in orienteering events take part at their own risk. Please be aware of non-orienteers in the competition area and take care to give them room.

If, within the last ten days, you have had a positive covid test, been in contact with anyone with covid or been told to isolate, then do not attend this event.