Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers
Welcome you to YHOA Night Event - Central Park and Kingsway, Saturday 4th December 2021
LocationOS Grid Reference: SE884105
Nearest PostCode DN17 1AD
Travel and parking

Final Details In Bold

The event will be signed from the A18   About 400m from the A18 down Brumby Wood Lane...look for a narrow track going south. (right). Parking is at the end of this lane in the Coop Field Car Park. Please park considerately, there will be no marshalling.

Location details take you to the end of the track leading to Coop Field. Car park closes at 8:30pm

Entry details

Use HERO on our website to enter this event. All the fees are to be found there though for an adult BO member the charge is £8

Closing day for entries is Thursday midnight 2nd December.


Registration is in the Pavilion as are toilets.

We ask that all competitors wear face coverings in these areas.


Earliest start is 5:30pm and last start in 6:30pm. Courses will close at 8:00pm

Start and finish is within sight of the parking and pavilion



The event is based a round a collection of formal corporation parkland, 3 small wooded areas and a nature reserve that used to be a golf course. The A18 separates the parkland and one of the woods from the other two woods and the nature reserve. 

On the Long and Medium courses there is a 2 minute timed out crossing point (controls both sides) to enable competitors to access the southern parts and to return. Take care crossing this road as it can be extremely busy.


Because of the road crossing these courses are unsuitable for unaccompanied Under 16s.


There are a further (up to) 3 minor roads that will need crossing. However, these roads should be crossed carefully too otherwise you may find yourself visiting the crematorium that can be found at the end of one of the roads, somewhat prematurely.


The Short course stays to the north of the road and visits one of the woods and the parkland.


The running just about everywhere is fast...lovely open woods or parkland. With the autumnal fall of leaves the smaller pathways may be difficult to determine at night. To the north of the nature reserve there is substantial undergrowth but there is a good, tricky path network.

The nature reserve has several copses and many individual trees plus fairways and old bunkers.


Course lengths: 

Short – 2.1km, 25m climb, 12 controls

Medium – 4.1Km, 60m climb, 20 controls

Long- 5.9Km, 90m climb, 30 controls. 


Courses are SIAC enabled with punching start and finish.

Please remember this is a night event and involves road crossings. Head torches and High Vis is required.


In the case of cancellation due to adverse weather information will be posted to the website, social media and we will endeavour to contact all entrants.


A3, waterproof, 1:5000, waterproof control descriptions and a brand new map.


Planner - Paul Simmons

Controller - Brian Slater

Organiser - Oli Smith - oliver.e.smith (at)

BO Reg 77411

Competitors in orienteering events take part at their own risk. Please be aware of non-orienteers in the competition area and take care to give them room.

If, within the last ten days, you have had a positive covid test, been in contact with anyone with covid or been told to isolate, then do not attend this event.