Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers
Welcome you to Twigmoor Wood - YHOA Super League Sunday 3rd December 2023
LocationOS Grid Reference: SE932061
What3Words: waters.during.foal
Nearest PostCode DN16 3RQ
Travel and parking

From the West take a left, at the M180 junction with the A15, then at the next roundabout (200m) take a left Westwards towards Scunthorpe, after 2km turn sharp left, then after crossing over the M180, take a right downhill for 1.2km to the car park and assembly.

Parking is in the field West of the wood, entrance at SE932061

Entry details

Enter via "HERO" on HALO website.

Adults £9; Juniors £4.50;  Family £22.50; Dibbers £1;  SIAC hire £3

Non-BO members £11, £5.50, £27.50;

Helpers get a reduced fee - see HERO page - use discount code nelthorpe.

Closing date for entries is 26th November midnight.  The maps will be ordered on the 27th.

No entries on the day.




10.30 to 12noon


Brown -                   M21, M35; M40;                                                        7.8km  175 Climb    24 controls

Short Brown -         M18, M20, M45, M50;      W21;                                  7.1km   145              22

Blue -                      M16, M55, M60;             W35, W40;                          5.9km    150             20

Short Blue -             M65;                             W18, W20, W45, W50;         5.3km   115              16

Green -                    M70;                             W16, W55, W60;                  3.9km    120             13

Short Green -          M75;                              W65; W70;                           3.3km    85               13

Very Short Green -  M80 ,                             W75, W80 ;                          2.9km     65               9

Light Green -          M14;                              W14;                                     3.2km     75              13 

Orange -                 M12;                              W12;                                     3.3km     65              9

Yellow -                   M10;                              W10;                                     2.5km    15              12

White                                                                                                         1.2km     5               10

Course lengths and climb subject to the Controller's input.

The 4 longest course maps will be double-sided.


A4 waterproof, 1:7500 update Nov. 2023

Twigmoor has woodland of varying types and contour detail on ancient sand dunes 'open', semi-open and wooded.

Permission to use The Woods is kindly granted by Tom Nelthorpe of Scawby Hall.


Organiser -  Brian Slater -

Planner -     Andrew Houlden

Controller - David Jolly

Competitors in orienteering events take part at their own risk. Please be aware of non-orienteers in the competition area and take care to give them room.

If, within the last ten days, you have had a positive covid test, been in contact with anyone with covid or been told to isolate, then do not attend this event.