HALO League 2019/20 fixtures

The following fixtures are designated as HALO League events for 2019/2020.

13/10/2019Wombwell Woods SYO
19/10/2019Hessle & Humber Bridge Urban 
17/11/2019Bowden Housesteads SYO
24/11/2019YHOA Middle Champs - Brimham Rocks CLARO
Alternate - Nottingham Uni Urban
24/11/2019Nottingham Uni Urban NOC
Alternate - YHOA Middle Champs - Brimham Rocks
15/12/2019HALO Regional - Beverley Westwood  
22/12/2019Storthes Hall - Regional EPOC
Alternate - Sherwood Pines - Regional
22/12/2019Sherwood Pines - Regional NOC
Alternate - Storthes Hall - Regional
5/01/2020Strawberry Hill - Regional NOC
Alternate - Bramley Fell - Regional
5/01/2020Bramley Fell - Regional AIRE
Alternate - Strawberry Hill - Regional
19/01/2020Ramsley Moor - Regional SYO
N.B. Locations may be approximate, please check with the host clubs final details for exact information