HALO Club Kit

Official HALO kukri O-tops are now available frpm John Butler at £25.

HALO Kukri Top

Also  available are the Ron Hill range available from Chris Simmonds - see the PDF. Chris is also able to supply other clothing with the HALO logo. He can be contacted on simmonds216btinternet.com.

John Butler has some club jackets available for £19:50 in medium, large and extra large and will ordering some small ones shortly. John can be contacted at  johnthe-butlers.co.uk.


Other Events

20/01/2019 Hugset - Middle Distance SYO

26/01/2019 York University (East) - Night Event EBOR

27/01/2019 Belton Woods and Londonthorpe LOG (League)

4/02/2019 Lincoln South/Central FTN1 LOG

O`Briens fixture map