22/10/2022 Thorne Urban - YUL Regional

Organiser's comments:
Many thanks to all the loyal HALO helpers who ensured the smooth running of this event. I hope all the competitors who turned out on a bright and sunny autumn morning in Thorne enjoyed their first orienteering visit to this market town. My role as organiser was made so much simpler by the efforts of Peter and Isoldt Harris who in addition to mapping the area, planning and controlling the event between them, also booked the church hall and identified all the suitable parking areas. It was unfortunate that we could not take advantage of all the canal crossings, the low-level crossing near to the flyover can be opened at any time by canal boat users and then stays open for around 15 minutes. This was too long for a timed-out section, so to ensure fairness, it was decided to make this bridge out of bounds. However, I don't believe this distracted from the courses as Thorne provided many interesting and challenging areas and Isoldt took full advantage of these when planning the courses.
Huge thanks are due to competitors Helen and Jeff who both sacrificed their runs to assist an injured competitor who had fallen and cut his face. Fortunately, the incident took place outside of the fire station and Richard was well looked after by the fire officers as well as by the orienteers. Richard wounds were cleaned up at a local hospital on his way home and although feeling a little battered he is in good spirits this morning (Sunday). He is very grateful to all those who assisted him.
It would be appreciated if as many competitors as possible could enter their routes on Route Gadget either using GPS or their memories (can you remember which way you went?). The planner and controller are very interested to see which routes were used.
Neil Harvatt
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Full results