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Peter Harris

    Please note the first Poacher Entry Fee was incorrectly set at £4.50 for Adults and Free for Juniors on our HERO System.
    At the last Committee Meeting it was actually agreed to freeze the Entry Fee for Adults at £4.00 and introduce Free Entries for Juniors (although non members would pay for dibbers) – I must have been asleep zzzz.
    Apologies – so to rectify this Entries for Poacher 2 will be £3.50 for Adults and Juniors £0.00. Then £4.00/£0.00 for Poachers 3 to 8. This is easier to administer rather than issuing credits.
    Note: Some people have had problems accessing the HERO Entry System.
    From the Home page of the HALO website do not initially press the HERO tab but press the Log In tab.
    Once Logged In you can then access HERO accordingly and you will not get a blank page!