New log in

HALO are redeveloping their web site using WordPress, and during this process it is necessary to migrate user login data. As well as the old web site log in and the new web site log in there is also the Hero log in to consider as we are planning to use just a single log in for that and the web site.

Hero users

You will have come here as it is the first time that you have seen the previous log in page and have, therefore, clicked the link. To continue you will need to click the link below, which will take you to the old log in page that has now been updated to also migrate your infromation to the new system.

The new system has limitations about what is permissible in log in names and will remove any that it doesn't like. This is mainly punctuation, but includes the '@' symbol so if you used your email as log in name it will be changed. However, you can still log in with your email address as that is stored separately to the log in name.

Hero log in and migrate

HALO members

HALO members who are also Hero users may have different log in credentials for each system. Obviously, the common log in has to use just one set of credentials. So, you have the option of clicking the Hero link above to use those credentials or the HALO link below to use the existing member logon details. Please note: you will have to log in usiong your HALO 'nickname' and not the numerical HALO id in the future.

HALO web site log in and migrate