18/04/2018 Poacher 2 - Willingham Woods

Many thanks to lsoldt for her planning of the 2 events in one evening, both went down well. Firstly the Courses were all well received, the number of times they have been changed over the past few weeks is too many to mention mainly down to the sodden paths and tracks. The ones used were the driest by a long way.
Fortunately we also had a mini heatwave which was similarly well received. Secondly the BBQ was also well received thanks also to Amber for her culinary skills. Thanks for all cards and gifts which were also well received.
On the Short Imogen's second victory was well received by her grandad who's coaching skills are paying dividends. Wayne's second victory on the Medium could mean he's returning to fitness. The battle of the Manchesters this week went to Martin narrowly from son Jonathon. Elspeth and Flora both performed above par as did Eisla on her first outing with her dad after scooting round the Short Course before tackling the Medium. On the Long ,Ben a former Junior Poacher stalwart took the honours from the LOGgies breathing down his neck. The battle of the Mather's this week went to Ben an excellent performance.
Next week we are at Pillar entry near the Gamekeepers Lodge, please do not drive on the grass near the entrance. Parking near the Pillar.
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