9/05/2018 Poacher 5 - Hendale

Many thanks to Brian for planning this event and updating the map accordingly. Hendale is not as straight forward as it is often perceived to be, especially when the undergrowth is in full bloom. The correct rides and tracks still need to be navigated and even the runway at the adjacent airport (in one notable case last year)! Try to put your course on Routegadget as it always proves interesting reading and all can see where those vital minutes (NH)or even seconds (DJ v PM)are won and lost.
On the Short, Imogen returned to winning ways with a thirteen second victory over Harry with Georgia in third.
On the Medium, Wayne trying to gain fitness for his numerous running disciplines took the victory from another Harry who produced an excellent result in defeating title contenders Jonathan, Oli and Megan.
On the Long, Liam returned to winning ways after his birthday bash last week, defeating David who in turn defeated Paul by one second.
Thanks to kite collectors the Jolly's, Rod, Neil and Mike.
Next week we venture to Twigmoor where I can report it is not as wet underfoot as it was a few weeks ago but still plenty of marshes and ponds to swim in.
For those interested, this afternoon (Thursday) Charlotte runs in Switzerland again in the GB team in the Mixed Sprint Relay in the European O Champs - follow online or social media.
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