16/05/2018 Poacher 6 - Twigmoor Woods

Love it or loathe it Twigmoor is certainly a challenge not only for competitors but also for planners. In order to produce the right balance in terms of technicality, undergrowth, water, climb, map detail and competitor enjoyment. Many of these are certainly unique at Twigmoor. I hope you enjoyed the experience- times seem to show that many of you now more confident of your navigational abilities in this area.
Route Gadget certainly shows what can be achieved and what should not have been- so please add your routes - it does show the planner whether the intentions work in practice.
Well done to Harry on the Short, Oli on the Medium (with a first Poacher success) and to Liam on the Long (with a 50 ? Poacher success). Also good day for the 3 planners who played their jokers - Oli, Megan and Helena.
Many thanks to kite collectors Harriet( again), Helena (again), Isoldt (again) and Mike S.
Also thanks to Scawby Estates and the Nelthorpe's for allowing us to use the area.

Next week it is World Orienteering Day where we have the opportunity to have some head to head racing at Central Park. Please use the Car Park off Kingsway opposite the College.
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