13/06/2018 Poacher 10 - Baysgarth Park, Barton on Humber

Usually after P10 the majority of titles have been determined and there is only pride and local rivalries to run for. However 2018 is certainly different with titles still at stake. So the engraving of some trophies will have to wait.
On the Short Harry's good form continues with his fourth consecutive victory. However victory for Imogen next week will mean that she can tie with Harry, both amassing 396 points (note: for the Juniors - countback will not be used and both will be declared joint winners).
On the Medium Elspeth's deserved victory certainly has made the leaderboard more than interesting, especially as she will be playing her joker next week, but my quick calculations show that another victory next week will only give her 383 points. So Elspeth will have to settle for the Junior title and Megan, next weeks planner can 'chill' after retaining the Ladies title. Also Megan's other half Oli will also be chilling as my previous calculations were incorrect. On my revised calculations Oli can gain a maximum of 395 points but a success for Jonathan would only give him 392 points. Apologies for earlier posting inaccuracies. Further down the list other battles still have to be decided, notably Poacher stalwarts Tracey and Geoff.
On the Long David claimed a victory beating Paul on the night but a repeat next week even with his Joker he can only accumulate a total of 390 points, so Paul can be confirmed as the winner with Liam enjoying his 'dolce vita' in Italy.
Neil is confirmed as Super Vet, Andrew should be Master although theoretically John can also score 364 points. The other 2 trophies are going down to the wire, Helena v Yasmin and Pete v Brian. Shall not bore you with all the permutations - but it will be close.
Thanks to all kite collectors and maze disassemblers as well as to Helena for her planning efforts (did warn you of possible fiendishness), Graham(e) for erecting the maze, Brian for map clarity and updates. Plus a special thank you to Pete who worked tirelessly (as ever) to formulate the results well into the early hours of Thursday morning - the mispunches etc. took some deciphering.
Next week - as it is important we get results on the night, we will try to eliminate the mispunches by adding control numbers on the control descriptions and perhaps 'simplifying' courses by reducing some of the multi clustering of controls.
Next week we are at Normanby Hall where trophies will be presented, parking hopefully in the Paddock on field on the left at entrance. Please bring refreshments and enjoy a Picnic in the Park.
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