27/06/2018 LUL 2 - Brigg Urban

Many thanks to Megan who was in the hot seat 2 weeks in a row, who produced classic urban courses within a classic urban terrain. The map needs a few updates but the route choice I believe was not affected.
Well done to David, Dom & Chris & 7 weeks old Freddie - we start them young in HALO. Top 5 on the Long were closely packed with Brian and Andrew R continuing their season long battle.
6 of the runners were using this Event for a warm up for this weekend's Flanders experience (5 HALO plus Clare).
Thanks to kite collectors Jackie, Paul & Mike.
Next week the LUL team competition should really hot up with the very accessible Welton and Dunholme being the venue (a very handy new area).
Megan may be able to put her feet up on the planning front but I am sure she won't put up her running shoes just yet....
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