6/03/2018 Spring Pub League 2 - Barton Upon Humber

This was an exceptionally well planned event to make sure no-one achieved the maximum in the 45 minute allowance. 150 points seemed to be the best produced by legendary BW and relatively new man Martin Manchester. They were followed closely by Dean, Marcus and Brian H. Some hard running and navigation prevailed.

The handicapping gave Mary Vickers an outright win over-all and also her age group who also get generous bonus points for being born earlier than most. Well done Mary she will be back I'm sure trying to keep her high scores.

It was great to see some new blood being drafted in from the Barton running club. Speed is good, and the skills of navigation can be picked up quickly if persistence is applied.

Big thank you to Helena who must have spent hours getting those control sites positioned so expertly around the town. Thank you to Neil for sussing the splits. He sacrificed his run to make sure you all got your print-outs. Some participants had left by the time the paper began to roll.

A team of conscientious and dedicated collectors helped us clear up by 8.30-ish.
Mike Byron, Pete Harris, Megan and Oliver: the planner should never have to collect so thank you Helena.

I have been doing the sums, and in a series of 6 events with 12 to 20 participants, (some collecting in pairs), everyone needs to collect at least twice please. If not it leaves others to do the duty 3 or 4 times. By-the-way I had to do some multiplies and divides to get to this conclusion.

See you on Sunday if you were able to enter for Canklow - Compass Sport Cup Event.
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Full results
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