27/03/2018 Spring Pub League 5 - Beverley Central

A big thank you to Brian Ward for preparing an eventful score competition (see the photos that Brian took depicting the intense post race analysis even before the pub. It continued in the pub.

It was planned a month previously and saved up for yesterday, which Brian had already identified as a daylight race and not a night race. The smaller kites were used not to attract inquisitive members of the public. Brian also managed to catch a few people out with the classic 'traps' e.g. (75) 'South corner - inside'.

Our last night's winner, Helena, came out of the night event closet and ran a blinder. Although a reluctant night-time orienteer, Helena has planned night events in both forest and urban terrain - the planning can be done in daylight!

Well positioned controls meant that good route choices were vital. Also choosing which to leave out when time got short was equally challenging.

Helena just pipped Neil to the 'handicap' podium. Good run by returnee, Jake, who was temporarily foiled by the cunning planning. Mum, Roseanne, sparred with Amanda to beat her minutely in the non-handicap but not in the other. Our LOGGERS, Marcus and Nick, both did well as usual but Marcus could not reach poll position to repeat his last week's result.

Back at the Green Dragon we had an enjoyable drink and welcomed sustenance from the new menu.

Thank you the collectors Rosanne, Jake and David Jolly. David chose to collect but not to compete as his journey to Beverley was extended.

Brian Slater. Yours truly did not run because of an acute spasm of lumbago! Next time.
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