30/10/2018 Autumn Pub League 6 - Cleethorpes

For Routegadget you will have to enter your name and time and show your navigation from the start to the finish. Controls won't be highlighted on the way.
Thanks for turning up on a damp evening, it makes that precipitation of blood sweat and tears all worthwhile. What blood? I scratched my thumb.

Once again we see our flying chair in poll position. He puts it down to his involvement in sober-october; perhaps keeping a clear head. So well done.

The youngie, DJ, took the top prize by sneaking in just above urban guru Brian Ward in the raw results. Note that Dean keeps in 3rd position in both sets of results irrespective of the 'handicap system'. The distance (straight) was less than a park run at 4.5km. Several people clocked 5.4 km and 6km.

The other youngie very young youngie, Dom (M20), with a full house, beat Dad (just) who inadvertently missed out on one control.

Harriet led the women with Rosanne close behind but with time to spare (if only)? Jackie, straight from 1st place at Woodthorpe at the weekend, showing she can 'Night-O' as well. Mary, who had a surprise shower in the Beck, took a dubious wet weather route, but feasible in the dry.

Pete Shew is putting a map on Route Gadget, so please use it if you have time so that others, and I, can see how well or not you executed the course.

Its good to see Marcus and Clare of LOG enjoying our peculiar events.

Thank you Isoldt on SI & the collectors Pete, Ken & Pete, & David.


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