2/10/2018 Autumn Pub League 2 - Broughton

You will have been surprised to find a tree at 86 as it was not marked on the map. Oli had remapped that area and I had used a previous map by mistake! Whoops - I can blame old age. Next time it will be there.

8 runners managed to collect all 20 controls within the time limit. They were rewarded with 5 points per each 1 minute before 45 minutes. Gerry made his journey from the west riding well worth the drive with a clear win. Pete 'The Chair' (he obviously wasn't lounging around) had a magnificent run coming in second on the handicap.

RAFO's Philip came home 2 minutes ahead of new LOG star Marcus, followed closely by returnee Zach. Zach was doing the Maths to work out what speed he would have to elevate to to win the handicap. 18 minutes quicker was the solution which corresponded to 3 minute kms. Start training immediately!

Thank you the collectors Oli., Pete and Isoldt. Also Isoldt helped me to place all the controls starting at 3pm. Oli was unable to get to Broughton in time to set things up but spent a fair time checking out the sites. I'm sure you will agree that he set a challenging course (5.7km straight optimum)for all to enjoy.

Note my poor-ish performance. I could have got all 20 (having seen the locations in advance) but that would not have looked too good or fair from my main rivals' perspectives.

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Full results
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