23/10/2018 Autumn Pub League 5 - Hessle

I didn't think anyone would get all twenty controls as they were quite well spread out, but congratulations to Brian W who was only just over time visiting all controls with an impressive running distance of around 9km. There are a number of distinct areas to the Hessle map with a small parcel of complex housing to the east, the windswept Hessle foreshore in the south west and more traditional housing and shopping areas. Consequently the controls were focused on the far ends of the map. This had the disadvantage, that if you weren't one of the super fast runners there weren't too many controls available - apologies.
Many thanks to the control collectors - Ken, Jackie, Mary,Paul and Pat, Alex and Kate. And thanks to Brian S for printing the maps and to Isoldt for helping on registration.
Full results
Full results
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Neil Harvatt
Neil Harvatt
Brian Slater
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