20/03/2019 Spring Pub League 5 - Bottesford

There was an invasion from the South at this Bottesford event, with Philip, Marcus and Andrew squeezing out our regular top athletes from the top five places. However, Brian still enjoys the handicap win over Philip who is 10 years his younger.

Notable improver Mike Byron rockets into the top five with a full house within the time limit on this occasion. Mike has the commendable principle of going for a full house each week. His 'principle' respects the planner's efforts.

First lady in and getting back to form, though denying it, Jacky scores a cool 120 points with minutes to spare. Dorothy, 2nd lady in the handicap, had 6 minutes to spare but made a conscious decision to 'quit' whilst the going was good. Could she have got 2 more? The jury is out!

Did you notice who came back in the nick nick of time? Its all about timing you know. People have commented similarly about my excruciating humour.

Pete Shew put a lot of thought into the event and obviously got the distance just as he wanted it. It tempted quite a few of you to go for the lot. Unfortunately he wasn't in a position to check every nook and cranny on the course hence the unknown recently blocked off accesses to the path South of the church which inadvertently caught most of us out! Pete kindly commiserated with us. We will make some map alterations ready for next time.

The 'Beckwood' served excellent food and has welcomed us back - good choice Pete. Also well done for a challenging event. Pete is our most senior, healthy and fit, planner to date. Are there no limits to this man's talents?

A massive thank you to the collectors Paul & Pat, Kate & Alex and Mary & Jacky.

Brian S.
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