27/03/2019 Spring Pub League 6 - North Bransholme

Some very fast times were to be seen at Bransholme North, one of our top technical areas, produced by Neil in 2017. Mary had set a shorter course than normal for our last 'Night Urban' of the series. However, the challenge was still to keep 'in tune' with the map and terrain through-out. Those numerous snickets/narrow passages and endless repetitions of housing and parking lots can bring on dizziness.

Congrats to Brian W, Peter H and Alex who were our podium winners. Brian's birthday cake was delicious, Peter H was just back from gastroenteritis and Alex was over the moon with his first 'full house'. Other notable '200 pointers' were Peter S., BS., Chris, and, on their second visit to HALO Urbans, Graham's team from East Hull Harriers. The Harriers was my club in the 70s and Mary's 'long-life-Club' to date.

Amanda, first lady in again, would have visited all controls had confusion not set in. The description on the map clarified the change over but the separate sheet was different. I had edited the one on the map after exporting to OCAD which said 'START THE SCORE EVENT - TURN OVER'. The separate sheet was printed directly from Purple Pen course software and showed 'GO TO FINISH'. Whoops! Apologies.

It was good to see Corinne who manage a creditable 140 points on her first 'Night Urban' event. Corinne is well known to those who attended Beverley training evenings.

All checkpionts were dismantled efficiently and in tact so thanks to the community and the collectors, both Brians, Peter (Chair) and Paul.

Well done Mary for an enjoyable evening and cozy accommodation at the North Bransholme Community Centre whose staff were more than helpful. They would provide food another time if we wished.

Brian S.

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