13/04/2011 2011 Lincolnshire Poacher 1

‘Twas good to see you ‘Poacher Stalwarts’ back in the forest keeping/getting fit. Martin put on 3 excellent courses. He came over from Manchester especially to challenge you all. He had made many modifications to the map to assist your navigation. I found myself running through bits that I had not seen before – HALO has been orienteering at Mausoleum for 12 years now. So it’s a big thank you to Martin for his involvement.

David Annandale took on the ‘Yellow Course’ ‘pipping’ Marsaili to the post by a mere 1 minute 32 seconds. Marsaili who is 8 years old is proving to be quite a navigator! David went on to do the ‘short’ which I believe was his preferred course. Notice that no-one on the yellow course missed out any of the controls, ‘Well-Done!’ all of you. You may continue with this course until you feel ready for the ‘Short Course’ which is technically difficult unlike the ‘Yellow’. You will need some coaching before attempting this next level if you wish to achieve with ease. Please ask for help at the event from the coaches who will be wearing a yellow ‘Ask for Help’ bib top.

Jake, repeating his last year’s dominance of the ‘Short Course’, was closely followed by local boy Digby, who’s father, in turn, was treading on his son’s heels. Fran, who attends the HALO coaching sessions at Oasis Academy Grimsby, had her best run ever in 7th place, 15 minutes behind the winner. However, Jo Field, who is coached in Beverley at the other weekly club-night, just pipped Fran by a couple of minutes. Can you see where this is going folks?

LOG and SYO are pushing the HALOs lower, probably around our necks, on the ‘Long Course’. 11 seconds splits LOGs 2 top runners, Paul and Liam, whose relationship is coach/coachee. I look forward to seeing their routes on the ‘GADGET’. In 3rd place Zac, who runs for England, managed to push his dad into 4th place by a massive 4 minutes. Sam, M16, has his work cut out trying to reduce the minutes between him and Zac. In Sam’s defence, his training is suffering a little, as he is next week’s planner, and as well, is studying hard for exams. Top lady, Charlotte, who also runs for England, was just 5 minutes in front of Helena, last year’s women’s champion. Pete Kullich, last year’s super-vets champ., and in ‘mega’ form other than a nagging calf injury, is likely to take ultra, and super-vets trophies this year - if it is allowed!?!?!? Also, incidentally, as Paul Murgatroyd approaches the ‘vets’, we may be considering moving the age class to the M/W50s class to keep the 10 year range ( a logical step if you ask me); but, we are willing to listen!!!!!!!!!!! Rod Williams is in good form, leading the young pensioners, (M60s), and just a ‘tad’ in front of another ‘old-timer’, yours truly.

Don’t forget to record your route on the web-site, if nothing else it will show everybody else where you went wrong and why you didn’t win! Mine is already on – placed at 7am the day after, but not before Pete Shew(incredible programming techi)’s route which must have been placed at 00:37 this morning. There is a space for comments on ‘Route gadget’ so please make use of it to entertain each other.

Thanks to Pete for putting the results and ‘Route Gadget’ on the ‘web’ so quickly.

Apologies to Clare Hanna who was timed out not realizing we were collecting controls early because of impending nightfall. Irrespective of our arrangements we were still packing away in the dark – we did have headlamps!

Thanks to the unsuspecting kite collectors from LOG who did a very quick and efficient job. Please check the web-site to see when it is your turn. Look on the front page of the web-site in ‘poacher is approaching’ and click the ‘flyer’ link.

Next week’s event is at Nettleton Wood, where we hope to see you. Please drive slowly when passing the caravan site, there are children about.

It will be dark by 8:15 so courses close at 7:30-ish.

Brian Slater, HALO – 0916 hrs – Thursday - 14/04/2011
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Martin Kullich