24/04/2019 Poacher 3 - Twigmoor Woods

As we utilise this technical area more and more, more and more of you appear to master the area (with a few exceptions).
Planning here is rewarding as you have to cater for both the experienced and the not so, so you have do not have to dumb down the courses and similarly you do not have to over complicate things. The use of butterflies tends to help the planning process and hopefully this succeeded. The last minute felling fortunately did not have too much impact as it was predominantly in an area not used significantly.
On the Short, Georgina once again showed promise by negotiating the revised course without mishap.
On the Medium, Yasmin (running down)showed that years of experience at such a tender age proved to be successful, although Helena's on course ankle injury might have helped. Elspeth fresh from her JK training produced an excellent run, similarly Flora. Other good runs from Elena and Corinne.
On the Long, Paul had a nightmare start and handed Liam the victory before he had started, by taking 3 minutes to get going and having to relocate back to the start. With this knowledge Liam was able to cruise along. Good runs from Dean and Paul B.
Hope to see as many as possible at Mausoleum on Sunday at one of our premier Poacher venues.
Also perhaps at LOG's Monday event at Riseholme and our next Poacher at Hendale.
Thanks to Geoff and Isoldt for helping set up and to kite collectors Neil and Chris.
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