27/04/2011 2011 Lincolnshire Poacher 3

A few "slight problems" on the night didn't detract from the evening's entertainment. The weather was fine, although the low sun caused visibility problems with the later runners.

Paul sent the Short course off to the East and up the hill, and made the Long course runners go to the far West and then across the motorway.

The Long course honours went to Martin Smith ahead of Liam Harrington and Lewis Tuck. David Jolly turned last weeks second place into his first Poacher win in the Short ahead of Elena McBane and Karen Williamson. Dom Simmonds took the honours in the Yellow ahead of Terry Petterson and Sarah Spencer.

In spite of complaints about JK legs, both Mary Carrick and Helena Crutchley performed well.

For some reason my courses in the computer didn't match those set by Paul, so all finishers were shown as mis-punches and no results were available on the night. Fortunately now fixed. Come back Brian!!

Pete Shew
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Paul Simmons
Paul Simmons
M & D Smith