17/07/2019 LUL 4 - Willows and Freshney

Thanks to all for making the trek to W & F, probably our most technical Urban area.
Many thanks also to Isoldt for putting out the controls as I was playing in a Football Festival during the day and thanks to David and Elspeth for kite collecting (especially when they had to get up at silly o'clock the next day so Elspeth could get up and go to the Netball).
Apologies for not realising that some garages had recently been replaced but thanks to Ian for pointing this out before most had started. He knew as he had helped demolish them.
Thanks as ever to Pete and Brian.
Current Series leaders Liam and Ian excelled and the winning times were faster than expected. The area provides plenty of planning opportunities and interesting to see route choices on the longer legs and HALO's one success on the night was Brian W's winning Split time on 13 to 14, pity he went on to miss out 17 - we all have these mental aberrations from time to time!
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Full results
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