4/05/2011 2011 Lincolnshire Poacher 4

With many of the big guns returning from the Jan Kellstrom 3 day International Event in Northern Ireland, mega points were much harder to obtain then at last week's Poacher at Elsham. Amongst the returnees was HALO's electronic entries supremo Brian Slater who also undertook the task of planning the three courses tonight at Cottagers Dale Wood. Once discounted as too small for a Poacher event, the wood came into its own with the advent of electronic punching. The recent warm weather has encouraged vegetation growth necessitating double leg cover for some experienced campaigners to avoid that stinging feeling for the ensuing 48 hours. Some thinning by the Earl of Yarborough's Forestry Department had opened up some of the top end of the wood which was exploited by planner Brian Slater.

On a perfect sunny May evening, Washingborough's top LOG runner Liam Harrington returned to form to record maximum points on the Long course, well clear of Junior International Zac Field (SYO) in a fine second place. M55 Neil Harvatt got up amongst the front runners with a spot on run. Market Rasen amateur footballer Steve Higgins surprised a few big names with a top six finish.

The Short course was won by South Cave's Charlotte Ward - HALO's Junior International - ahead of Glentham's Dave Jolly with SYO's Jake Field third. Well placed here was HALO's Chairman John Butler in sixth and Grimsby's Geoff Smith with his best run of 2011.

Next week Poacher is at Willingham with parking at 'Sunnyside Up' Farm on the North side - a start area used by HALO 20 years ago.

Pete Kullich

A big thank you to Pete Kullich for 'running' the start this week. He was not feeling well enought to run. At the quiz in Waltham on Tuesday night I had spoken to Pete re the poacher 'guest-reporter' idea of Neil's. As we concluded the racing on Wednesday Pete handed over a race report hot off the press, infact before the press! Please let me know if you would like to be a 'guest-reporter' for the poacher. You may be inspired to put pen to paper because of a good result or noticing someone else's exceptional performance/s. Neil has volunteered to report on Willingham NORTH (Poacher 5) next week.

Brian Slater
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Brian Slater
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