18/09/2019 Autumn Pub League 1 - Healing

Now that I have recovered from all the excitement of 'Healing' I feel compelled to praise all of you, the willing participants.

I sold the event to the Hotel saying we get 20 to 30 entries with perhaps a dozen diners. The 'patter' got us the £100 room fee down to zero. On the night the smaller numbers of diners that I estimated did not seem to phase the staff who were most welcoming and efficient in serving drinks and delicious meals.

The crux of course was which of the 2 to tackle first, SPRINT or SCORE? It did matter if you thought you might get a full house. Leaving the SPRIT early would not have been an option. The 2 exercises we in distinct geographical areas, which was explained to starters. Lots to think about - did your brain urt?

Mike Byron, holder of 'The Golden Gripple Key Award' slayed the opposition with a clean run avoiding some of the traps and sneaky route choices. So well done you - it might be his second podium as 1st - correct me please if it is fake news!

Listening into conversations it appears that I am becoming known as the '50-50 planner', who presents route choices of equal lengths. Either way is then an easy 'choose'! With 'contactless' SI boxes 'the flow' then becomes a consideration in decision making.

5 others were fast enough to gain the 200 points from 26 checkpoints in under 45 minutes. So well done. You can check people's routes using Pete Shew's excellent display of the 'split-times' on our website. Notice that DJ picked up '94' 3 times, not necessarily getting all three in the right order (approximate quote)!.

Quickest lady was Kate who is a regular Poacher contender who also arranges orienteering for her scout group - well done in keeping up a fast pace.

We had a visit from Peter Brooke (SELOC), our North of England development officer for British Orienteering. He was on duty collecting data and advising us. In spite of his official duties he seems to keep quite fit (Podium 3) and is becoming competent having taken up orienteering only recently. Good to see you Pete.

Mary Vickers kindly advertised the event around the village and we had 3 locals who enjoyed finding all the score checkpoints in under 45 minutes. Perhaps they will try 'Immingham' next week? Mary and Isoldt spent time introducing the newcomers to our sport. Thank you.

Thanks to the collectors Mike, Chris, Pete and Isoldt. Also thanks to all who entered for making me feel this sport so worthwhile doing.

Brian, planner.
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