12/02/2020 Lamp O 2 - Brough

Thanks to David for the planning from his armchair - the area particularly the Eastern part gave plenty of routes to follow and decisions to be made. The number of changes of direction meant that it was unlikely that all controls would be collected. Also the level crossing was an unfortunate factor in Leon's run and score. This is the only time that a level crossing has come into play in a HALO Event but a number of us are used to them in LOG land. Good run from Mary who will be planning the next Event in Kirk Ella. There were one or two queries (those shown by a ? on the master control list) and a few times when the benefit of doubt was given to the competitor.
The importance of utilising the full 45 minutes was fully exemplified by the fact the winner of the event with and without the handicap took precisely 45 minutes...
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