19/08/2020 LUL 3 - Kingsway & Lodge Moor, Scunthorpe

Mega thanks to Megan for her planning, Oli (plus Lyra) for kite hanging and Start manning, Andrew for mapping, Brian for his not quite just in time map printing and Pete S for his Entry system and Live Results. Plus Kate B, Emily, Neil, Mike B and Isoldt for the kite collecting.
This hybrid (urban,park,sprint,woodland) area proved to be a planner's conundrum with the road crossings at rush hour to contend with. However with the use of the Pedestrian Crossing the Medium course evolved, and it even provided the odd mispunch. The Long Course with fewer time outs did not cause any mispunches but the dual mini sprints, the hill climb, the long legs and the navigational challenge of the Nature Reserve resulted in plenty of lost time. This resulted in an unexpected defeat for Liam (the first in a long time in HALOland - he must have been missing his mentor, coach and father to inspire him! Congratulations to Paul for the victory and Philip for making it a 3 way title challenge.
On the Medium a deserved victory for Martin who is now just behind evergreen Pete S in the Series with Julie favourite for the Ladies title and daughter Rosa favourite on the Short.
Don't forget to enter the next events the deadlines are a number of days prior to the Event.
Also we would like to welcome you all back to the area in the future - make a good Score, Night, Sprint or even next year's Lincolnshire Challenge Shield.
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