6/08/2020 LUL 1 - Brigg

Thanks to David for his diligent planning giving us all the opportunity to start getting back to normal. Thanks to all for adhering to the BO and HMG guidelines in terms of social distancing and maximum gathering numbers.
The decision to move the date back 24 hours due to the possibility of clashing with the unauthorised Brigg Horse Fair was probably the right one as an event of sorts did take place on Wednesday.
The Long course certainly produced the closest of finishes with only 9 seconds separating the first 3 competitors Liam, Philip and Paul (all LOG). Expect equally close times in the other 5 LUL contests.
The Medium course gave the Juniors a chance to compete on a Medium course in a town with sufficiently quiet residential areas and a pedestrianised centre and the use of a timed out road crossing. This is not always possible and it gave Hannah, Elspeth and Flora to fly around the course but not as fast as Brian W the Supervet recovering from a calf injury but just fast enough to beat the Hypervets PeteS and PeteK although they had a 60 year advantage.
Thanks to kite collectors Brian & Amanda, Kate & Alex, Flora & Elspeth plus the other Brian.
Don't forget to pre enter for the other events - Washingborough (via SI Entries)by Sunday 9th August and Kingsway (via HALO website) by Monday 17th August.
Many thanks to Pete S for developing our own entry system and producing instant Live Results.
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