29/09/2020 Wold and Derringham Lamp O 2

A pleasing turnout on a lovely autumn evening on this new but unexpectedly interesting area.
The tenfoots caused some some problems, as was expected, but the southern area was generally well negotiated.
Peter Harris won the night after allowing for his weighting. His score was almost matched by Jim who ran him close. This was only Jim's second ever event but he was helped by actually living on this patch.
Mike and Oli went for them all, with Mike getting every control correct, well done, and proving I had the right answers!
Pete Shew, fresh from his win in the HALO Urban Champs, showed strongly again by coming in second. He's training I'm told, there's a lesson for me there.
Karen's times are improving with few errors and increasing fitness.
Many suffered penalties by coming in late. Perhaps this was due to the 1:7500 scale or perhaps people just wanted to stay out longer given the nice weather.

Apologies for the delayed results but I caused a technical on the website (as usual) which, thankfully, Pete fixed for me (again).
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Full results
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