16/06/2021 Poacher 8 & LCS - Kingsway

Firstly I must make some apologies.
To everyone for not producing all results on the night, although it does look like HALO are victorious.
To Kate and Helena for Womens Champion mix up, when the latter looks likely to be the victor rather than the former.
To Harriet for forgetting to remember her planning efforts at Swallow Vale (the Prosecco is being chilled).
Another apology has come to light in that Jackie, Corrinne and Isoldt's Poacher Scores were mistakenly omitted and this will have a bearing on the Ladies Champion Result.
All I can say it's been a long few months..

I will now thank Oli for planning the courses, it is not easy to work full time at school and home, and then, to find the time and energy to take on the role. I would like to thank Megan for putting out many of the controls despite the heat and carrying baby Leo around.
I hope you all enjoyed the format despite the rush and the travel between areas. It seemed to work very well.
Thanks to Pete for once again formulating a system of producing times for each of the 8 variations of the Chase course without having to manually input the individual variation.

Reminders, LUL starts next week at North Hykeham enter by Sunday midnight through SI Entries, then the following week at Market Rasen.
Don't delay paying your HERO Accounts, now the Poacher Series has ended.
Good to see well over 20 competitors travelling to Sheffield for the HALO Urban Championships.

Many thanks to Mike B for half time ice lollies and ice creams.
Thanks to kite collectors Flora, Elspeth, Neil and Oli

Congratulations to all Poacher winners.
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