13/03/2022 Duncombe Park & Windy Pits: a CS Qualifying E

Two Routegadgets - 'First Event' is for Courses 1 to 4 and 'Second Event' for the remainder
Many thanks to all the clubs who turned up for this qualifying heat of the Compass Sport Competition.
SYO were first in the Cup and qualify for the final. CLOK were first in the Trophy with EPOC second, both qualifying for the final.
SYO will be joined in the final by AIRE (Previous final winners rule).
CLOK and EPOC will be joined by EBOR (last year top-3 finalist and 8 club rules)
Congratulations to all five clubs and good luck in the final.

NB - There have been a small number of corrections for some runners. If any further corrections are thought necessary please contact Neil Harvatt () as soon as possible.

To access the course splits using RouteGadget, click on the "red/white triangle with a blue line" towards the top of the screen. Use the menu to access leg positions, results table, race graphs, etc.

Please note: there was a mixup with the original event registration which prevented the ranking points being calculated. This has now been fixed, the ranking points will be calculated overnight and will be available Friday morning (March 18th).
Full results
Full results
Full results