6/07/2011 Beverley AC

The Full Results show the controls visited and in which order.
The ordered results show the relative positions after calculating points (10 points for every valid control, -5 points for every minute
Beverley Westwood – Wednesday July 6 2011 – 60 minute score event.

It was great to see so many people taking part, especially from Beverley AC, in what was a hastily organised event. There were over 50 participants in a variety of teams, family groups and individuals (normally when we mention over 50, it’s relating to the club’s age group!).
Mary Carrick had cleverly placed 32 controls across the whole of the Westwood which left the competitors scratching their heads as to which was the best route. Add to that the complication of having to visit the ‘odd’ controls before the ‘even’ controls (or vice versa), add to that the complication of four compulsory controls, it’s a wonder that the head scratchers didn’t come back bald.
Only one person managed to visit all 32 controls under the hour, but then if an England Junior International Orienteer can’t do it then who can? Well done Zac, he achieved the maximum with 2 minutes and 3 seconds to spare. Dad, Dean, in second place, was the only other person to sweep the board, but with time penalties. Keeping it in the family Jake was third.
In fourth place was HALO’s Coaching Supremo, showing a return to form (but now that I have looked closer at Brian’s results, it seems that he punched ‘49’ twice, so that will drop him down to tie with his travelling partner!).
It was a very close fought affair for the Beverley AC runners, the top four teams were separated by only five points. Stuart & Kate were the victors with 185 points, followed by Steve & Andy, Roger & Justine and Team Bail, who all scored 180 points. A very impressive points haul from all four teams, considering their lack of Orienteering experience (and working as a team can cause delays should they decide to discuss tactics!).
There were ten points available for each valid control visited (no points for the compulsory controls) and there was a five point penalty for every minute (or part) over sixty minutes.
If any competitor has less points than they anticipated, then it is possibly because they went to the same control twice or didn’t keep the ‘odds’ and ‘evens’ separate or simply, that I made a mistake in counting!
Anyway it’s not about the points it’s about the experience!
(But if you are seriously disgruntled email () and I’ll see what I can do)
Next HALO events in East Yorkshire
23 July – Hull University
25 September – Driffield Airfield (will also feature mountain bike orienteering)

Neil Harvatt
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Mary Carrick
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