26/06/2022 HALO Weekend Day 2 - UKUL - Beverley Old Town

Excellent challenging courses produced by Brian Ward on a new area of map to the East of town. Rare was the chance to switch off for a moment. Utilising this area meant that the crowded town centre was not an issue whatever the weather. And what weather it was. Hope everyone managed to rehydrate by some means, either with a swim or by sampling Beverley's many attractive eateries.
If anyone finishing towards the end wasn't able to collect a HALO "40th anniversary pen" and would like one, please catch David on Saturday at Sheffield, or at another event in the not too distant future, he will carry some spares.

Please note that as at 02/07/2022, revised results have been uploaded. The leg between control 56 and control 78 has been voided on Courses B, D and F. During the event a normally locked gate was opened in what was mapped as an uncrossable wall near to the Youth Hostel. A competitor recently contacted the organiser requesting to be disqualified as a result of them taking advantage of the unmapped gate. On further inspection by the controller, judging by the split times for this leg, it was apparent that other competitors may also have gained an unfair advantage. Consequently to ensure fairness, the decision was made to eliminate this leg from the affected courses.
Full results
Full results