8/06/2022 Poacher 7 - Kingsway and Brumby Woods

A grand finale at Kingsway and Brumby Woods. Thanks to Oli for planning such an important decider.
Good runs all round. Philip's jet lag getting the better of him ruled him out of the top spot challenge. Mary C's aversion to the last control and love of the woods meant we had to work hard to save an ice lolly from the hovering juniors. Thank you for putting it on Routegadget Mary, you are not the only one foiled by the woods which seem straightforward but are sometimes a little tricky. Never trust all our navigating to the path, it's just a help.

Medium champion had already been decided, congratulations to Dave Offler, followed closely by granddaughter Imogen who took the Ladies trophy. Good consistency in orienteering brought Oliver the Junior trophy.

The Short this year had been heading towards a VSG course to satisfy the challenges needed by the experienced competitors choosing that course. As the trophy is aimed at junior newcomers we decided again not to award it and to save its prestige for (maybe next year) when we have some eligible runners. Meritable performance from Mary V who had the highest points of all this year's leagues (there is a bar of chocolate for this new accolade waiting for you Mary V).

King of the Long had to be decided on the night with Craig and Liam on equal points coming into the final event, only separated by count back to highest other scores. So close was it with several permutations that the spreadsheet was ready to do the calculating. A second win for any of the previous 5 winners would mean we were in count back scenario. Luckily the King of Kingsway made it simple and with 3 wins out of 7 congratulations went to Liam whose legend continues.....

Congratulations also to:
Paul M, Master trophy (Vet)
Andrew R, SuperVet trophy
Elspeth J, Women's trophy
Pete S, UltraVet trophy
Pam B, WSV trophy

Everyone has enjoyed the series and as it's not Peter writing the report I get a chance to say a huge thank you. For not only orchestrating the Poacher series but making sure it got off to a great start by being planner (twice) and with Isoldt providing the other half of the team they deserve an orienteering rest. Getting permissions and co-ordinating the planners is the obvious part but working out which venues will work at which time considering undergrowth and access is the unseen part which Peter's experience brings us our enjoyable runs.

As the last event coincided with the end of volunteer week it's an appropriate time to say thank you to volunteers who contribute in many different ways, from the above mentioned co-ordination, map printing planning, kite collecting, IT, entries etc. On a couple of occassions we have employed guest control hangers, thank you to the Smiths for that. There is significant learning from planning, even if that is armchair with someone else hanging the controls on the day; coach says "give it a go".

Hope to see most of you at the Lincolnshire Urban League.

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