6/07/2022 LUL 4 - Willows and Freshney, Grimsby

A great evening of orienteering in Grimsby. Well done to all who ran on this fantastic area, a great map by Peter Harris provides us with challenging Urban orienteering. The town planners of decades ago made a choice to have very few repeated shapes or regular patterns, a legacy which makes for great orienteering.

The split leg on Medium and Long may have been out of the ordinary but orienteering is “no ordinary run” and everyone succeeded in understanding the intent of creating a leg where it’s necessary to look ahead a little further (or just choose and go).
Some close results on the evening with just seconds separating runners at points in the table. Amanda and Barry separated by 9 seconds on the Medium, BrianH and Sam by the same margin on the Long. David and David separated by 7 seconds on the Medium, Jonathan and John were 3 seconds apart, with Anne just 12 seconds ahead.
But it was Philip and Brian’s 1 second margin that grabs the attention, did they choose the same x or y route, was their running line optimal, just a couple of steps to one side can make all the difference. Amazing when you think of the possible variations.

Congratulations to the course winners, Mary, Paulius and Liam. And also to those running on their first urban event, I hope it gave a good taste for it.
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