12/04/2023 Poacher 1 - Central Park and Brumby Wood

No RouteGadget will be available for this event as Score events are not handled by RG.
I hope you enjoyed the change in format, it seems to have worked successfully and 4 on each course managed maximum points. Thanks to Pete S for ensuring all software was compatible and to get instant live results. Only one hiccup in that those with SIAC dibbers have to be careful not to trigger a Score control early when checking numbers or running past too close. If you do inadvertently 'punch' a control a early, just report at download.
Long course as ever was a close run thing with Craig beating Paul by less than 30 seconds (one second per control). They capitalised on Liam's slightly longer route which proved costly. Well done to Flora for being top lady.
Medium course was a 'walk in the park' for Paulius who fended off Ali and Helena with Gerry also getting all 21 controls.
Short course winner was Beth who is local to these parts and living on Kingsway proved to be an advantage. Newbies Claire and Steve seemed to enjoy their first competitive event.
Thanks to Mike, David, Flora and Isoldt for kite collecting.

Next week we are at the infamous Normanby South - please get entries in early as map printing will be Monday morning as Brian is off on another River Cruise. Also Isoldt and I are away so please support Mike, Pete and David in helping out - especially kite collecting.

Note: the following week (April 26th) we will be at either at Hendale or Cottagers Dale (one or the other).Should know on Sunday but an early entry to Poacher 3 welcomed as may have to print maps this weekend with BS away.

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