19/11/2011 Hull University Winter Event (North) (D)

Lost Property. Contact neil if you left a black sports jacket.
We saw a few new faces today but not the numbers of new comers we would have like to see. However, we did see some of the old timers and some of the Beverley club night participants. Those 'girls' leading the Short, Medium and Long courses are taking to Orienteering like 'ducks to water'? There must be another analogy which refers to fine dry sunny weather because thats what it was.

Brian Ward had produced some excellent challenging courses around the university campus that held 'traps' for the unaware. Have a look at his Technical course on the front page.

Thanks to all the helpers, and look forward to seeing all of you at future events. A great time was had by all.
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Neil Harvatt
Brian Ward
Brian Ward