24/05/2023 Poacher 7 - Normanby Hall

We faced a few obstacles in the day’s running up to the event, due to last minute withdrawal of permission to use the Deer Park and the South Lodge area. So courses had to be replanned on Monday. So some may have struggled to to find one or two of the controls if they came from a direction where the mapping was not as good. Sincere apologies from planner and organiser.

After analysing results, although some were obviously impacted, I don’t think those who are vying for trophies have lost any ground, so with this format it is difficult to void legs or credit points. As one said it wouldn’t be a Poacher event unless there was not a dodgy control.

On a positive note it was a glorious evening and the midges kept away and the competition was as fierce as ever and the courses and planning was excellent considering the limitations.

Trophy destinations not all done and dusted with Craig and Liam battling it out for the top prize with Paul, Dean, Pete S, Kate, Paulius, Helena and Imogen and Mary in pole position for other honours.

Please return any trophies next week at Belvoir Park where ? are recommended and where there will be a change of format.
Long will do 3 x 2kms courses, Medium 2 x 2kms courses and Short 1 x 2kms.

Further details will be posted on website.
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