31/05/2023 Poacher 8 - Belvoir Estate, Cleethorpes

Alison Wright has been imposed a penalty of 2:43 for her mispunch which has been based on the slowest Medium runner as the standard 30s penalty was deemed to not be an effective penalty.
This format in such a confined area works well especially with the planning expertise of Brian, who managed to use only 18 controls in total.

Apologies to those running who did not realise if you mp you are not disqualified but get a time penalty instead. In this instance the time saved by mispunching was greater than the actual penalty so an alternative was required, using the times of the slowest on the legs in question. We endeavour to be fair.

With Liam and Craig both injured Paul was able to capitalise.
The Ladies title is a close run contest with Kate and Elspeth in contention.
Paulius rules supreme on the Medium with Ali and Helena still battling it out.
Imogen takes the Junior title.

Thanks to kite collectors Mary, Tracey, Imogen and David.

LCS next week combined with last Poacher at Baysgarth, Barton.
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