2/05/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher 4, Willingham

Willingham certainly lived up to it's reputation for providing unpredictable results (I did make the top 10) and tough courses (it would have been worse in June)without the need to negotiate Hambleton Hill. Pete's courses were Osgoodbyesque in places and provided many talking points in the Old Barn after the event! One main discussion centred on the last leg on the Long Course which was slightly ambiguous with the shortest run in route going accross the Out Of Bounds between the paddock and house (in fact where the line on the map was shown). After deliberation and examination of the results it was decided that as there were only a few beneficiaries with little effect on League standings (current and future)that the results would stand. If the last leg had been voided there would have also been some losers who should not have been penalised. In the heat of competition it is sometimes difficult to spot the OOB markings on the map but even at such Local Events the 'rules of fair play' should not be disregarded. The benefit of doubt, however, has gone to the transgressers and we hope in future we do not have to implement any disqualification rulings.
Back to the results - good night for the Jolly and Field families (yet again), between them taking the honours on all 3 courses. Zac now gaining a crucial 2 point gap over Liam on the Long and Jake who stormed around the Medium with a record 14 minute winning margin. Good performances from Andrew H on the Long (now showing signs of shedding his winter coat)and Mel C (not the Spice Girl variety) on the Medium (thanks also go to Mel for control collecting).So if you want a mention in the Report you now know what you have to do - volunteer!
Next week we are at Primrose Warren - not as physical but could be a few nettles if weather improves - nearly insect repellant time.
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Peter Shew