9/05/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher 5, Primrose Warren

First time Poacher planner Rod produced some excellent courses with plenty of opportunities to run straight and avoid the paths to save time. He also had the best of the weather putting out the controls. Hope the rain did not dampen your spirits too much.Also hope your legs aren't tingling too much - I did warn you that the nettles might be prevalent - they certainly were for early starters like myself.Will we ever get the chance to use the sun block this year rather than the Savlon. Nothing contentious this week to discuss in the Black Bull.
On the Long Course Zac extended his lead by another 2 points - will it now just be a fight for 2nd between the Lincoln duo of Liam and Paul? Season best performances from Micael R and one of his students from CGS - Sam - something to discuss apart from the normal algebra.
Lee and Jake were 1-2 again on the Short with the former putting pressure on the latter, will Yasmin's consistency pay off in the long term? Good performances from Brian H and Lawrence and the runner who shall remain anonymous (but has an Irish ancestry) who yesterday had a colonoscopy and still was able to perform well - was it the after effects of the pre-op laxatives!!!
Only 2 minutes seperated the first 3 on the Short - with Jacob gaining experience and confidence every week and eclipsing the performances of the Jolly sisters.
Next week back to Yarborough Country (hopefully not on horseback!)at Cottagers Dale Wood - access from the Road to Caistor from the Airport - 3 kms south of junction with A18 - or if travelling in other direction 3 kms north of Grasby Bottom crossroads.
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Rod Williams