23/05/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher 7, Normanby Hall So

We do not tend to use Normanby every year - I am sure a number of you will breathe a sigh of relief - but when we do it always produces value for money! Andrew's courses only required a few technical controls to cause problems to those who did not stay in contact with the map (& control descriptions).It was nearly Twilight by the time some finished; RobPat was all set to lead the search party in his vampire guise.
The area,however, produced season best performances from potential Veteran (or even Open) Champion Paul who won by a winning margin of 3 minutes and potential Ladies (or should it be Womens)Champion Helena, as well as the HALO pro's (Neil & Brian), who with the burden of wisely playing their Joker scored their best points of the year. The Zac - Liam battle at the top of the League continued with the gap now only a single point.
On the Medium it was a 1-2-3 for the Fields even without the help of Jake, who is now under pressure from not only Lee but also from the ever consistent Yasmin for the title. Good performances from LOG's Kaele and Chris S, despite fracturing his wrist last week at CDW he was able to compete successfully with the handicap of his plaster cast - that's determination for you.
It is always problematic planning Short courses in this area and Andrew produced a course where the times were all in line with expectations and no mp.
Next week we head off to the Wolds - the other Normanby (Le Wold). This year, belatedly we discovered that not all of the mapped area is now Stewardship land - so there is no general public access - however the farmer's are giving us dispensation - so please show respect by only crossing the fences at marked crossing points and closing gates etc.
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Andrew Houlden