30/05/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher 8, Normanby Le Wold

No great shocks last night - Brian's excellent use of the undulating open area with plenty of contour detail kept everybody on their toes - especially when the bullocks (and bull) showed a passing interest.
As the series is the best 8 scores out of 11 next week may see some changes in League standings as the lowest scores will start to be discounted.
Above par results last night came from on the Long, 3 people who despite taking over an hour still schieved series pb's in terms of points scored - Mary C,David B and Clare H; on the Medium Allan C and on the Short Bentley N. Also good to see perhaps a record number of 12 on the Short.
Next week the format changes slightly with the first of the 3 Park events where all competitors can choose which of the 5 courses they wish to run (lengths of 1k/1.5k/2k/2.5k/3k)- any number and combination of courses can be run. For those who need further details, the format/rules will be posted on website in due course. Note next week at Central Park full leg cover is advisable as one third of the area is woodland with 'some' nettles and undergrowth.
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Brian Slater