6/06/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher 9, Central Park

It has been a long weekend for many and after pounding many miles some were still able to run the full 10kms - hats (or should it be caps)off to them - notably Iron Man Andy & son Craig (from LOG) & Brian W and the 4 girls Ali, Helena ,Harriet & Mary C who completed their 7 plus kms.The other Andy (H not F) also did the full 10k and played his Joker at the same time.The title race is not quite over, Liam's victory means that he can still tie with Zac (on my quick calculations) - if he wins the last 2 events.
The Medium is equally as close with Jake & Lee both being able to score 397 points with 2 more wins.
Looks like Jacob is going to come from behind and pip the Jolly girls if he completes the final 2 events.
Central Park has not been used for 10 plus years - so by changing the format we have been able to use a different area with different challenges. I hope you all enjoyed this experiment - it seemed to work - with tactics certainly playing a part. Apologies for any delays on the night and delays in results - due to teething issues.
Next week we intended to use both Baysgarth Park (3 courses) and Baysgarth School (2 courses) but now after logistical and mapping consideration all 5 courses will now be in the Park - an even faster and more furious environment (but no hill to finish on !).Hope you liked the photos courtesy of B & A productions.
Full results
Peter Harris
HALO Poacher Park Events 9,10 & 11 Format The following events in June at the following venues : Central Park, Scunthorpe (6th) Baysgarth Park & School, Barton on Humber (13th) Mausoleum Woods, Great Limber (20th) will follow a different format – rather than 3 courses (Short/Medium/Long) there will be 5 courses (1k/1.5k/2k/2.5k/3k) providing fast and furious action where tactical awareness will come into play. Competitors can run as many courses as they like within the time constraints (starts from approx 5.30 p.m.(if everything in place) to last start 7.30p.m.). So it is possible to run 10k in the evening by doing all courses. Competitors can run any combination, at any time, in any order. The only stipulation is that to score League points the following minimum total distances have to be run. Short : 2.5k Medium : 3.5k Long (M/W60 ) : 5.5k Long (M/W60-) : 7.0k Results will be based on the fastest average minutes/km run. Note : Runners will be scored in the Class that they have previously run in the Series – but they can still exceed the minimum total distance that they run e.g. a previous Medium runner who totals 9k in the evening will score Medium points and not Long points. The traditional end of Series prize-giving will be after Event 11 at The New Inn, Great Limber.