27/06/2012 2012 Lincolnshire Poacher Knockout Cup

They think it's all over - it is now. For another 9 months at least. The first Poacher KO Cup resulted in the expected unexpected victors with Pat Simmonds, Matthew Lea and Harriet Gillman taking the honours. Matthew and Harriet were worthy winners by being the first home in all 3 rounds despite the pressure from Mel/Elena and Dominic on the medium and from Mary/Paul and Sean on the Long. The handicap system tended to favour the orienteers who improved their techniques and fitness over the course of the previous 11 weeks, and as this was the main intention of the KO Cup - I hope you all considered the concept and format a success. Comments afterwards were positive and I hope everyone enjoyed the event as well as the preceeding 11.
The next KO Cup is likely to be 2 years time - as HALO host the LIncolnshire Challenge Shield next year.
Thanks for the genereous sponsorship contributions - my serious training starts now for the GNR - whilst eveyone else can put their feet up on Wednesday evenings.
Thanks once again to the support team of Pete and Neil who once again were able to compute the complexities of the competition into an instantaneous simplified results service.
Finally thanks to all those who attended the Poacher Events from just the odd 1 to those who attended all 12.
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