27/05/2012 Beverley Urban (YHOA League)

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Thanks to everyone for coming to the event on another beautiful day in Beverley. I hope you all enjoyed Brian’s excellent courses – it certainly seemed to be the case based on the comments that I heard and the number of you that went out again on the Sprint course. My thanks to Brian and Paddy (Controller) for all their hard work in producing the courses and to the team of HALO helpers that supported me on the day.

We had a problem with a gate being locked until 11am – my sincere apologies to anyone who was affected by this and thanks to everyone for their patience in the matter. What we thought was an alleyway, is in fact private land belonging to the Green Dragon pub. I have noted that the planner and controller appear to have done all their reconnoitring in pub opening hours!

The prize winners are listed below. The unclaimed prizes will be taken to the York event next Monday by Paul Van Dam from HALO; if you don’t manage to find him, please get in touch with me. Congratulations to Josh Beech who won both the A course and the Sprint; we decided to award one prize per person so the Sprint prize goes to second place.

Mens Open Josh Beech EBOR
Womens Open Voirrey Walsh BAOC
M40 Steve Watkins AIRE
W40 Emma Harrison EPOC
M55 Steve Whitehead EBOR
W55 Helen Gardner EBOR
M65 Roy Bradley CLOK
W65 Jean Lochhead EPOC
M16- Jake Field SYO
W16- Emily Cooper EBOR
M12- Matty Blake IND
W12- Tanya Cooper EBOR
Sprint Richard Foster AIRE

Helena Crutchley
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Helena Crutchley
Brian Ward
Paddy Neligan
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